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05-06-2009, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by DMiZ View Post
Gamesurge doesn't have nick protection, unfortunately, but rarely have I ever seen something like that happen. If it does, you can tell if it's the real person from the hostmask they display. Then again, if you're not familiar with that sort of thing then you'd never know the difference. However there are plenty of people that are familiar so I don't think it's a worry.
Well that we saw a problem within a very short time kind of shows that there is a problem. I've been using IRC for a lot of years, and there's a reason nickserv is used by so many networks. It's because people impersonating others is a very common thing.

Is there a reason that the channel can't be moved to a network that does have nickserv? It's a very easy thing to do. Why isn't it being done? It's something that's making people in the community uncomfortable when considering whether they want to join in the channel. Wouldn't it be prudent to take the very simple steps needed to alleviate that concern?

Just some questions that need answering in my opinion.