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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
I was agreeing with you. Please note the "Sounds good to me" bit in there. Please excuse me if that wasn't clear.

I went through and closed out all of my tickets that I had filed a few days ago in disgust. Between trying to get staff to follow up on a complaint about an incompetent moderator who can't even send a PM correctly, them ignoring ongoing abuse here in the forums, as well as dealing with a staff member who can't figure out how to run the physical nature of the forum software, I've made a promise to myself to never file another ticket in this game.

Let along the broken foundry that I still haven't been able to do anything really with since I started.

And how is your day going?

edit: Daniel Stahl you must have a real nice job sitting there while everything goes to pot in this game. I know we're just the 1% of the players here but the another 99% must be giving you a ton of money for you to pretty much ignore what goes on in these forums as well as the backend.
..Sorry didn't realise you were agreeing with me

I would be surprised if anyone from Cryptic actually views this forum, because no issues ever seem to get attended to that are brought up here, and I do feel slightly offended by their 'take a ticket' attitude it sounds like they're saying we'll sort it - when we can be arsed to do it.

Edit: I am also one of the people who spent money on this game, only ?20 but still.... I'm not even temtpted to shell out ?100's for a lifetime membership and this kind of technical support isn't exactly encouraging me to do so.

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