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Originally Posted by mobilesuit89 View Post
I have been playing for a couple of days now but I am still a bit lost in all the changes and I am trying to catch up, lol. I don't have a high level character, just my first one which is a rank Commander (25) Engineer. I have been thinking about starting a new character, one reason is because I am not sure if I still want to play an Engineer. I kind of like the Science role a bit better since they can debuff the enemy, also it is similar to a class I play in a different mmo. Only downside is that I have about 40,000 Dilithium (no idea where that came from), 11,000 GPL and about 1,500 points in R&D. So I am a bit hesitant to just start fresh and lose out on the perks my first character has.

Howdy. Welcome back. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself. (^_^)

How far back did you leave? Because if it was waaaaay back when, the Dilithium could have come from when they were switching out Marks and Emblems for Dilithium.

As for changing Character Classes, that is entirely up to you. I play a Science as my main but I use an Engineer as an alt. I also tried Tactical, but I did not care much for them.

Anyway, the Engineer gets better when you Rank up. They get some good Tanking Skills like 'Miracle Worker' and can summon Exocomps. Since you are already half way there, you could just spend three or four casual playing days and max-out your Engineer's rank and see if you like him better then.