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07-26-2012, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by jslyn View Post
Howdy. Welcome back. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself. (^_^)

How far back did you leave? Because if it was waaaaay back when, the Dilithium could have come from when they were switching out Marks and Emblems for Dilithium.

As for changing Character Classes, that is entirely up to you. I play a Science as my main but I use an Engineer as an alt. I also tried Tactical, but I did not care much for them.

Anyway, the Engineer gets better when you Rank up. They get some good Tanking Skills like 'Miracle Worker' and can summon Exocomps. Since you are already half way there, you could just spend three or four casual playing days and max-out your Engineer's rank and see if you like him better then.
Thank you for replying to my thread!

So that is where the Dilithium came from, that makes sense.

I am the same way with the Tactical class, I don't usually play full on DPS in mmorpg's. I like to hang back and support the other players and harm the enemy through debuffs.

I didn't think about that, I was unsure what the level cap was. It might be a good idea if I go ahead and max level my Engineer, at least that way I can make whatever gear my Science officer would need and I would not have to start over in crafting again.

Thank you again for the reply, it gives me something to think about while at work.