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07-26-2012, 09:12 AM
Science makes the best tanks on ground, engineers are hybrids, and tacticals are pure DPS with little to no survivability.

In space, science is just debuff, debuff, debuff with a few handy abilities (Subnucleonic Beam will disable any really tough PvP opponent, Sensor Scan can debuff damage resistance on a target and buff your detection, etc.), engineers are slow, undamaging, tanks, (Miracle Worker does as the name says - it practically brings you back from the dead! EPS Power Transfer is a nice power buff, very handy on a Science Vessel with Emergency Power to Auxiliary, as you'll usually hit max power on both weapons and auxiliary systems.), and tacticals are again pure DPS. However in space, tacticals have a little more survivability due to their boff powers (typically you'll at least have Engineering Team and stuff like that, even on Escorts, whilst on ground your only healing comes from unreliable allies and slow-cooling hypos - that's why if I can't kill the enemy with my first attack, I prefer the Medic kit from my science character over the straight DPS from the Operative kit on my tactical.)
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