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07-26-2012, 09:33 AM
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Hey guys, my name is Tom.. I have a pretty good aspect on fleet's for my low level. Lieutenant Commander(15). So, i would like to start my own fleet with some other Lower level people and we can roughly gain experience together.. Now seriously i don't want a couple people that are gonna join and then just leave... I need 4 people that are serious about the game to help me out. My ranking system is diverse in my aspect, and I have a pretty good idea for base. So just reply or message me and ill give my In game name, and we can figure this out . Oh yeah BTW i'm just hoping for people under level maybe 25 or 30.. i DOnt want somebody in who is already REALLY experienced
if this does not work out for you consider joining the 44th Fleet. we have a great base started and welcome all level of players, fed and klingon. just check it out for yourself.

the best of luck to you either way.