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Originally Posted by mobilesuit89 View Post
Thank you for replying to my thread!

So that is where the Dilithium came from, that makes sense.

I am the same way with the Tactical class, I don't usually play full on DPS in mmorpg's. I like to hang back and support the other players and harm the enemy through debuffs.

I didn't think about that, I was unsure what the level cap was. It might be a good idea if I go ahead and max level my Engineer, at least that way I can make whatever gear my Science officer would need and I would not have to start over in crafting again.

Thank you again for the reply, it gives me something to think about while at work.

You are welcome for the reply.

I know what you mean about playing Support types. Those are my preferred classes as well. That was why I chose a Science class the first time. I hampered myself with that one, though. From an RP standpoint, my character is a Doctor that cheated her way through Starfleet Medical. So until Cryptic revamped the Skill Tree a few months ago, she had zero points in Medical skills. She was a craptastic Doctor but when people would randomly read her Bio when I was out-n-about and comment on it, I could tell them that. She was good for a laugh.

So that was where your Dilithium came from, huh? Ah, you were gone for a long time, then. Sadly, that means that you will not like the Crafting anymore. It now costs tons of Dilithium for each item in addition to gathering resources. It is expensive. Doubly so when you consider that Dilithium has a real-life money value attached to it. It is prohibitively expensive. I used to do a lot of Crafting myself. When people would ask after certain equipment on the forums or on the in-game chat, I used to offer to craft a piece for them free-of-charge. I can't do that anymore. I can't even Craft for MYSELF these days. It bites.

Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
In space, science is just debuff, debuff, debuff with a few handy abilities (Subnucleonic Beam will disable any really tough PvP opponent, Sensor Scan can debuff damage resistance on a target and buff your detection, etc.),

And Photonic Fleet. Can't overlook that one. Actually, I think that it unlocks during the same Rank as the Engineer's Miracle Worker. Summoning all of those ships at once can be a life saver.

Originally Posted by mobilesuit89 View Post
I just wish I could race change my character, I have a Liberated Borg as my Engineer but I would rather have a Vulcan since they are really my most favorite race.

That is the way to go. Some people prefer custom Races or Races with specific Traits. In my opinion, I think that it should be about what you like rather a few extra points here and there. If you decide to start a Science-type, pick it up as a Vulcan.

Does anybody know if they ever fixed the Vulcan the abilities? I remember back in the day if you used the Mind Meld (and maybe the Nerve Pinch as well) it would cause the game to crash.

My Engineer is the Liberated Borg, too.

In my little mind's RP, she is a Choctaw Indian Borg. She is a racist one at that. She dislikes Organics. So, I have been trying to fill her crew with Synthetics and Cyborgs only. I have a couple of other Borg in there, a Photonic, and an Android. Sadly, there is just not enough non-Organic Races to fill up her entire Bridge Crew. Its a work in progress.

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