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Originally Posted by drasketo View Post
So ... you think that an aoe 5 sec sensor jam is a good enough excuse to start cheating? In cause you havent noticed, slotting a c-store console requires a console slot, the more they have, the easier they go poof.
Bah. The message appears to be lost upon you.

I take it by those comments that you have to use the AMS "crutch" too? People that rely on these things in their builds (in order to win) can't build a ship was the point I was making (or will just resort to cheese tactics). This to me, holds especially true for all these bugship pilots who shouldn't have to use these things at this point. If you had read my post more carefully you would have understood what the message was. In the OP's 4th vid he's complaining about AFK'ers on his own team while he's spawn camping the opposite team and won 15/0 despite having a couple teammates that did nothing. Look at the ship he is piloting and what he uses on it. That's a larger contributor to the ruin of PvP than AFK'ers. Sadly, he probably doesn't even need to use cheese tactics like that to win but chooses to do it anyway.

Oh well, the game allows these players and teams to cheese their way to victory. It won't, however, garner them any respect as skilled players except among others who use the same tactics. This is what's really ruined PvP. Especially when you know there are skilled players and premades that don't need to use this stuff to win and do it anyway.

...but then again you must not use AMS because then you'd know that it is a 12 sec confuse and placate.

Originally Posted by azerdraco View Post
Dude, quit the whining. There isn't enough cheese to go around anymore. Mice are starving all over the world because of PvP whiners crying on STO.

The only reason ANYONE plays PvP is because they want the challenge of fighting another player. If that player goes the P2W route and cheeses console abilities, then it gets annoying, especially when they refuse to go 1v1 with anyone.

A good alternative: If you want to have actual rules with your PvP, seek out others that desire the same thing and join one of them. Caution, some of these blanket rules can make a PvP build fairly hard to pull off.

If you want to just PvP, be aware that there are good players that use no Z consoles, and there are crappy players who rely on them. The vast majority, however, fall inbetween those extremes.

Oh yes, and to all the Starfleet Dental trolls: Please find another bridge to play under. This one has already been claimed by REAL players.
Kudos. Very well said.

Originally Posted by drasketo View Post
Give it 5 more minutes or so and youll probably be on here saying that "OH MY GOD, you have mk 12 weapons, that TOTALLY justifies them exploiting bugs! How pathetic are you that you need that to win??!?! REAL men pvp with Mk I common plasma turrets."
You're spot on here. I'll go back to my Mk I common plasma turrets now.

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