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Originally Posted by rooster75 View Post
Bah. The message appears to be lost upon you.

I take it by those comments that you have to use the AMS "crutch" too? People that rely on these things in their builds (in order to win) can't build a ship was the point I was making (or will just resort to cheese tactics). This to me, holds especially true for all these bugship pilots who shouldn't have to use these things at this point.

Oh well, the game allows these players and teams to cheese their way to victory. It won't, however, garner them any respect as skilled players except among others who use the same tactics. This is what's really ruined PvP. Especially when you know there are skilled players and premades that don't need to use this stuff to win and do it anyway.

...but then again you must not use AMS because then you'd know that it is a 12 sec confuse and placate.

Kudos. Very well said.

You're exactly spot on here. I'll go back to my Mk I common plasma turrets now.
I have encountered afkers, welchers and cheaters in pvp. I was in a voquv, using standard bops and all the other stuff I had equiped had a value of about 1.2 mill ec. Neither of the other dudes on my team had dropped a cent for sto, and we still ended up at thhe fedside spawn with two noobs waiting in respawn. I think anyone whose dead should be auto respawned after a minute or so, so as to prevent afkers, noobs, and welchers. From escaping my mk 1 plasma turrets
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