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# 1 Borg Buff?
07-26-2012, 02:15 PM
Did the Borg get a buff with S6 or something? I used to be able to tank 2-4 elite spheres at a time (depending on what character and ship I was using) without even trying, plow through probes like they were paper mache, and face tac cubes only worrying about invisitorps. Now I'm having to one-on-one spheres less they overwhelm my shields, gravity well won't guaranteed stop probes, and cubes and gates I have to actually worry about their FAW shredding a shield facing in one shot. And thats not even mentioning the big plasma DoT buff; am I supposed to be carrying multiple HEs to go with my multiple TTs and EPTSes now? I'm running out of space on my ship to actually customize it.

Is this just a frustrated perception thing from too many bad STF runs, or did something get changed?

For the people who will doubtlessly respond sooner or later with 'oh boo hoo, now you have an actual challenge,' I would point out that its a game, its supposed to be fun, and the fact that STFs were easy was the only thing making them tolerable after the 10th run, let alone the 200th.