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05-06-2009, 07:49 PM
Woul you like to skip the extra step of having to join the #STO channel after you visit head on over to

Put in your desired name and hit connect and you are right there in #STO on GameSurge the Official IRC Channel STO fans.

( is no longer a separate site or chat channel, it is linked directly into #STO on gamesurge and nothing about the chat you have come to enjoy from the people who have brought it to you plans to change in any way. We only aim to provide you with the easiest way to join us as is possible.)

Note: We will be working hard with the operators and volunteers in #STO There will be soon more detailed information about the volunteers running that channel, as well as a list of simple guide lines that should be respected in the public channel so that everyone feels most comfortable and welcome.

See you all at Tomorrows Chat