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Hey Devs? Get on the tailor bugs and fix them. Fix the tailor and I mean ASAP. In fact fix as many bugs as you can in the maintainence. I know for a fact that I for one and fet up with the bugs in this game and it's getting on my nerves. So I and the rest of the player base would appreciate it if you'd fix bugs like that.

The one I'm talking about is the fact that ever since today's patch came out nobody's been able edit their character/bridge officer's badge, rank, etc. in the tailor in fact those options aren't even available on the customization screen at all totally missing. Now frankly I've put up with a lot of problems in this game like lag, bugs, and the occasional unscheduled maintainence or downtime, but bugs like this are just unnacceptable. No offense intended but seriously enough is enough. I know you all are doing whatever to fix this game, but we've had enough so while you have this downtime tomorrow I'd really like to see some improvment like getting rid of the bugs and the lag. I can't take it anymore. Sorry for the frustration, but with what's been up in the air on this game since Season 6 came out and all well you know.

Anyhow please get on the bugs and lag and other issues with the game. And if you can't fix it all in one night please get it done as fast as you can, but don't break the game in the process it's already broken as it is in a lot of places and frankly the player base has put up with a lot of that. I've spoken enough on that though. Please fix the ASAP...thanks...the tailor bug especially..put back whatever is not present in the tailor menu...I.E. Badge, Fleet Emblem, Fleet Uniform Selection, Rank, etc. That is NOT something that should be ignored. Thanks.