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07-26-2012, 10:53 PM
There was a thread a while ago where a dev had said that while they were going to look into dilithium costs, there was no way it was going away in crafting. Sucks...

As per the OP, someone in my fleet had a similar idea as yours, choosing what 'bonuses' to add to your stuff. I have a fed character that got to 'master' crafting before F2P, and now I only use her to make Aegis gear for people when they need it. Seems like a waste. I like that idea.

I'd also like to see all marks of purple gear be craftable, as well as being able to craft gear that doesn't drop or isn't purchasable from the DIL store, to make crafting for EC a viable career in this game.

Would be nice, as well, if you could continue to gain crafting SP and get accolades which reduced the amount of unreplicatble parts you needed (to a point, obviously since they won't get rid of them totally) so that people who choose to craft a lot get rewarded and it truly gives meaning to the term 'master craftsman'.