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07-26-2012, 11:38 PM
FED: 29th Century Timeship

It could be a high tier Science Ship with a special console:

(Console - Universal: Temporal Displacement)

The console could let you temporally displace a target, basically it would pull the target into a temporal vortex, and spit them out a couple minutes later. You could use it to phase a boss and fight it's escorts alone, or just phase an enemy long enough to escape combat. (NOTE: Really long cooldown time, limited to being used after dropping below 50% hull)


FED: Jellyfish-type

Another high-tier Science Ship, but with the maneuverability of most low-tier ships.

Also, another console.

(Console - Universal: Red Matter Bomb)

The console drops a charge that upon exploding creates a Red Matter Gravity Well for about 60 seconds, the well pulls enemies into it, and does damage to them for every second they spend in the well.

Basically, these ships could sell for about 2,000 ZEN as Vice Admiral (50) ships.