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07-27-2012, 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
It's already used for testing (read: game-breaking bugs). The problem is, the few people who actually tune into Tribble don't find nearly enough of those bugs as needed.

If Tribble was as highly used as Holodeck, we wouldn't have this issue.
I Disagree.

The original statement is correct, many times something comes out the day before and within 24 hours it finds itself published to holodeck. Even while we test it and are reporting bugs, most of the time there is no QA time allowed.

I stopped bashing QA and Blame upper management in all these cases. It is tough for a fix corrected givent his company lacadacious behavior in follow up and correction of issues that they themselves created.

You try to make a foundation over a hole, guess what, that hole will make your foundation unstable. Fix the hole FIRST, then lay down your wall over it.