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Meowrik, as for the fundry, we haven't been able to use it in the first place for quite sum time, it was the same after Season 4 and Season 5 publish. Almeowst a munth offline or even more, and this season it's no different. So even if we WANTED to do the work, we CAN'T because of the large ameownt of time needed to bring the fundry back after a major code-breakdown. As for Tribble ... that's where I go usually for working with the fundry. The problem is, barely anyone will ever see my ****ent there, as it's Tribble and Hullodeck.
Eris, I have a question, out of curiousity: How come you always post like this?

Funniest bit is that half of it tends to get filtered out due to the typing, such as in "content", "account", and similar things having their "o" removed.
Oh, lovely, I can't even requote the Douglas Adams quote I used to have here I WANT IT BACK!!!!
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