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Hello all! Hope everyone is doing good. I have been away from the game for awhile due to real life issues and health problems, just came out of the hospital recently. I have been looking forward to playing Star Trek Online and I can't get over how much has changed. The game runs a lot smoother for me and it is really nice to see that the population has really grown.

I have been playing for a couple of days now but I am still a bit lost in all the changes and I am trying to catch up, lol. I don't have a high level character, just my first one which is a rank Commander (25) Engineer. I have been thinking about starting a new character, one reason is because I am not sure if I still want to play an Engineer. I kind of like the Science role a bit better since they can debuff the enemy, also it is similar to a class I play in a different mmo. Only downside is that I have about 40,000 Dilithium (no idea where that came from), 11,000 GPL and about 1,500 points in R&D. So I am a bit hesitant to just start fresh and lose out on the perks my first character has.

Anyway, glad to be able to play again. I am really glad I decided to get the Lifetime sub back when the game first came out, it feels like it was worth it. I am really looking forward to what the future will bring to Star Trek Online.

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EDIT: I apologize to the moderator of the forums, I did not realize that I posted this in the wrong forum section.

have you joined a fleet? i would like to invite you to the 44th Fleet. Fed and Klingon welcome with a no hassle application process. plenty of friendly players to help you out and we have a great start on a base.

see you in Eden.