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-Allowed to directly make Enemy Factions into Allies. For example, change a Klingon vessel to friendly without going through the costume-change process.

-Allowed to set the idle animation only to happen once. For example, an enemy will not keep executing the warp animation over and over again, but will cancel after one execution.

Assimilated Variants of Ships to create borg missions.

Veteran Hull Option for Veterans

Foundry Veteran Rewards, Possible special NPCs only usable by veterans.

Dreadnought/Admiral Groups. Enhanced Boss groups that use the Factions Hardest NPCs.

Elite Group variants, Exceptionaly hard groups on par with STFs.
"Group" Interacts
Turret Groups
) Ability to save your own created assets (maps, costumes, etc.) separately from your missions, so you can import and reuse them in multiple missions. Better yet, how about the ability to publish those assets separately as well, so that other authors can use your characters and vice versa?

2) Ability to import your non-Foundry toons and ships into your mission as NPC costumes (as opposed to having to manually copy over all the settings).

3) Seeing that there's a Dabo table asset available, perhaps add the ability to select it and open the Dabo mini-game. (Same goes for the Dabo tables built into the DS9 and Drozana maps.)

4) Last, but not least... the ability to choose your own map transition effects (or lack thereof) at the start/end of each map, instead of always warping in/out between space maps, or always beaming into/out of a ground or interior map. Those default effects don't always make sense depending on the particulars of a story. For example, in a hypothetical Foundry remake of the TNG episode "Cause and Effect", each map should end with the ship blowing up, and the next one begin with the ship already on the map, with no warp-in or other entry effect needed. Other transition effects could be made available as well.

Placeable Minefields.

An item that grants the following:
Free, Used - EV Suit
(A weapons rack that grants a ) Bat'leth
(A weapon rack that grants a...) lirpa

- Disables Energy Weapons Option
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