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07-27-2012, 11:46 AM
1) Did you experience this as a Fed or KDF (or both)?


2) Which ship were you flying at the time?

excelsior R, vorcha R, F ktinga

3) Were you on a PvP map? If no, were you on a queue'd map of some other kind? If yes, has anyone experienced this outside of PvP?

so far all in qued maps, pvp and fleet events. haven't had it happen in stfs, but i have played those maybe twice since season 6. haven't done non qued content in quite a wile come to think of it.

4) If in PvP, which faction were you engaged against at the time? (FvF, FvK, KvK)

FvF, FvK

5) Did it affect all weapons? If no, which were left active?

its been completely random what gets disabled on me. one time on my vorcha my DBB was the only thing disabled, another time on my excelsior 3 single cannons and 2 turrets were disabled. i don't think beam arrays have ever been disabled for me yet, but thats the only exception so far.

6) When you were affected by this, did any of your other abilities stop working? If so, which ones?

the only ability strangeness that i have noticed since season 6 is with tractor beam and tractor repulsers. after the effect countdown ends it appears as though it is ready to use again, theres no cooldown counter. if i click it again though it shows the correct cooldown time. this is unrelated to weapons going off line though, it happens every time i use these 2 abilities

7) Did you notice any other active UI elements at the time of shutdown that normally are not active? (e.g., the Need/Greed Loot window, or accidentally hit ESC to bring up options, etc)

no. though i seem to notice offlining happen to me when abilities that stun hit me, like when people use PS and those fed npcs in fleet events spam those PS torpedoes. the KDF npcs that shoot that pink immobilizing thing too.

8) If you managed to fix the issue, what was your solution? (I've heard dying and relogging, but does changing instances work? How about turning the UI off and on again with Alt-F12?)

i have never been able to correct the off lining wile alive, i think getting killed fixed it for me though. i haven't had a chance to bug out of combat and try swapping weapons around to see if that does anything though yet, it thankfully hasn't happened to me in a week
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