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07-27-2012, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by fewzz View Post
It went out of the window when Craptic thought fvck the players we dont give **** about the IP either.

Why would they when they make a simple EV suit and charge us 700zen and give it no customisation, all simple add more and more gambling to the game.

TBH customisation stopped after the first few months of the games release really.
I Compleatly Agree with this but instead of all of us
Crying about the crap Cryptic is doing with things such
As this why doesn't the player base just Simply take a
Stand like myself and 70 others and Refuse buying Anything
From the CStore,because in all honesty until all of us as a player
Base Continue to buy Cryptics Worthless Crap from their Highly
Overpriced CStore thus continuing to give them our money for Overpriced
Items and Worthless and Empty Promises and Constant Excuses they always
Give us all they Will Not Change,Let's start making Cryptic Start Loosing Money
In their Precious Cash Cow CStore and Stop buying their items all together and
Then let's see how their tone with their player base is, cause if it wasn't for their
Player base they wouldn't be making Any Money at all...just my 2 cents