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1) Did you experience this as a Fed or KDF (or both)? Both, twice with UFP once with KDF

2) Which ship were you flying at the time? With a Hegh'ta Heavy BoP in KDF, and in UFP in a Ferengi Marauder (D'Kora) and with a Prometheus (the Dilithium one, not the C-Store one) only in the Marauder all my weapons stopped firing

3) Were you on a PvP map? If no, were you on a queue'd map of some other kind? If yes, has anyone experienced this outside of PvP? I experienced this in the middle of a No-Win scenario with my prometheus along with some pug teammate that said it was happening to him too when I told them one of my weaps wasn't firing. In my Marauder it happened at Ker'rat.

In my KDF it happened to me in a patrol map included in the Pi Canis Sortie Alpha or Bravo "daily" missions.

4) If in PvP, which faction were you engaged against at the time? (FvF, FvK, KvK) At Ker'rat I was on fed side but don't remember much details, the other two happened on non-pvp matches

5) Did it affect all weapons? If no, which were left active? On my fed toon in the prometheus it only affected a Phaser Dual Beam Bank, in the UFP D'kora it affected all weapons (turrets and cannons) and in my KDF affected 3 of my 4 forward weapons: two Disruptor dual cannons and a disruptor heavy dual cannon.

The weapons that were left active in my prometheus were 3 turrets, and 2 dual cannons and 1 heavy cannon, in my Hegh'ta two turrets and one cannon were unaffected

6) When you were affected by this, did any of your other abilities stop working? If so, which ones? None that I was using at the time, although not all of them were being used.

7) Did you notice any other active UI elements at the time of shutdown that normally are not active? (e.g., the Need/Greed Loot window, or accidentally hit ESC to bring up options, etc)
In the No-win scenario (Fed one) not a clue because there was caos everywhere at the time it stopped working, but I'd guess different kinds of loot were dropping. On my KDF there was no loot cause the NPC ship hasn't been destroyed yet but I had just used the "option" for Jam Comunications (for the mission optional) and I had the "Beam supplies aboard" option active from the cargo container the NPC was defending.

Don't remember anything of the sort on the D'Kora

8) If you managed to fix the issue, what was your solution? (I've heard dying and relogging, but does changing instances work? How about turning the UI off and on again with Alt-F12?)
In my prometheus and in my Hegh'ta, when I managed to get out of combat the issue was fixed by replacing the non-functioning weapons for another ones (random ones) from my inventory. In my D'kora I warped out to sector and re-logged in, didn't try the changing weapons.

I'll edit this one so I don't make new posts about the same:

Edit: 4:33 PM. I think it just happened to me again, but not exactly the same issue: my weapons didn't stop firing, but they did stop autofiring. Was on my Hegh'ta heavy BoP in the transport attack mission from Pi Canis sortie Bravo group of missions. Didn't try to fix it because the mission was finishing but I did try toggleing on and off the autofire, didn't work.

Aaaand last time I edit this post: 5:33 PM. Happened again with same toon, same ship as last time. I was finishing Pi Canis Sortie Alpha and a disruptor Dual Canon stopped firing. Tried pressing F12 twice and ALT + F12 twice too with no result. Didn't try anything else to fix it 'cause the mission was almost over.  1342169682
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