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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
1. Needing - Frankly I try to watch what the group does first, and if I see one person hitting "Need" on all the low end junk, that's all I hit the rest of the time.

2. GPU issues: What the heck are people running??? I've got 2 9800 GTX+s in SLi, as in, FIVE generations old, and I've never had any issues. Heck, I'm only running a Dual-core Core 2 (3.0 GHz) and 4GB of RAM. Games like APB, that floggs my machine. But STO??
The so called Wooden pc like people call it isn't the issue sometimes. I can run APB on highest settings and still have over 40 fps in combat when I see allot of smoke. I'm running skyrim with everything I found in options set to set to max and I didn't see a single lag so fare (well maybe I lagged once when my anti-vir started scanning). On the other hand I tried Global Agenda and I got like 20 fps with everything on low or turned off just by standing in the dome (city). Don't even ask about combat there its a slideshow...
I lag close to nothing in STO but there are places where I do fps lag. Not many of them but still lag is lag.
It often comes down to how the game performs on your specific setup.