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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
1) Did you experience this as a Fed or KDF (or both)?

2) Which ship were you flying at the time?

3) Were you on a PvP map? If no, were you on a queue'd map of some other kind? If yes, has anyone experienced this outside of PvP?

4) If in PvP, which faction were you engaged against at the time? (FvF, FvK, KvK)

5) Did it affect all weapons? If no, which were left active?

6) When you were affected by this, did any of your other abilities stop working? If so, which ones?

7) Did you notice any other active UI elements at the time of shutdown that normally are not active? (e.g., the Need/Greed Loot window, or accidentally hit ESC to bring up options, etc)

8) If you managed to fix the issue, what was your solution? (I've heard dying and relogging, but does changing instances work? How about turning the UI off and on again with Alt-F12?)

Thanks, in advance, for your help in tracking this down!
1, Fed

2, Gal-R (the one that comes with the saucer sep console)

3, It was in two different arena's, one was solar wind, the other I think was cracked but not positive.

4, Both were FvF arena matches

5, I was running an 8beam load out, it effected 3 beams on the front and 3 on the back both times. It only allowed a single beam to fire fore/aft. I believe it was the third from the left still worked fore, and second from the left aft still worked.

6, Everything else seemed to work fine, I don't usually play with sound so I wouldn't notice any audio errors, but I didn't notice any issues with other abilities, the UI, or anything else not related to the nonfunctional weapons.

7, repeat of 6, didn't notice anything unrelated to the weapons being effected.

8, relogging seemed to work. I just got away from the combat, relogged, and it fixed it. I died and respawned (before relogging) and it didn't seem to change anything.

Both times this occured I was target swapping very often specially between friendly and enemy targets, and I think that might be the source of the issue. But thats just my theory.