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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I'm still attempting to track down solid repro steps on this. I'm spinning the topic off into a new thread because it became obvious that Confuse effects (while originally the most likely culprit) have turned out to not be the true and only cause of this.

I have a few questions for anyone that has experienced this. Please think carefully about the answers and only answer if you are certain it is the truth. Good information will help lead to a solution to this problem.

1) Did you experience this as a Fed or KDF (or both)?

2) Which ship were you flying at the time?

3) Were you on a PvP map? If no, were you on a queued map of some other kind? If yes, has anyone experienced this outside of PvP?

4) If in PvP, which faction were you engaged against at the time? (FvF, FvK, KvK)

5) Did it affect all weapons? If no, which were left active?

6) When you were affected by this, did any of your other abilities stop working? If so, which ones?

7) Did you notice any other active UI elements at the time of shutdown that normally are not active? (e.g., the Need/Greed Loot window, or accidentally hit ESC to bring up options, etc)

8) If you managed to fix the issue, what was your solution? (I've heard dying and relogging, but does changing instances work? How about turning the UI off and on again with Alt-F12?)

Thanks, in advance, for your help in tracking this down!
This happened just a few days ago.
1. Fed
2. Tac Oddy
3. Not in pvp. Was in queued map no win scenario.
4. N/A
5. No, forward antiproton beam array and bank were dead. Rear turrets and beam array were active. All torps normal. Un-equipping and re-equipping did nothing.
6. Not that I recall
7. Not that I recall
8. Could not fix in instance. Leaving instance and joining another fixed.
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