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07-27-2012, 05:24 PM
My feedback which I;m sure will be removed from the main site shortly:

I have to agree. No mention of all of the players having issues with just logging into the game. No mention of player after player reporting poor customer service received from the company. Moderation is non existent on the support forums with racism, bigotry and personal attacks abound while the moderators and staff turn a blind eye. I got proved to yesterday that the employee who is supposed to be in charge of the forums doesn't even know what the settings for the software. The in game item exchange has fallen to a very well know bug that's been known for for at least four months and now has gotten worse. And if you want to mention the foundry, how about mentioning that for many months many of us couldn't even access it? Pretty much an article full of fluff and just shows that Mr. Stahl is completely out of touch with his own game. How about a real and honest State of the Game that covers both the positives as well as acknowledging what's wrong and how your company is working towards fixing and/or addressing the issues?
edit: Oh and can we please get whatever software you;re using for comments to accept a paragraph break/use of the enter key?
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