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Originally Posted by macrican View Post
does not subscribed to your hive mind and this is the only way you can justify
Good; enjoy your time and your money how you see fit. I don't think anyone here would debate that you have the right to do as you will.

However, I find it funny that you describe those of us saying "no" to this ridiculous pricing and blatent slap-in-the-face by PWE as the "hive mind." That is generally reserved for the flocks of sheep and mobs of lemmings who go, "OOOH SHIIIINY!" and drop cash on a whim.

I think our point is this: we (the aforementioned "hive mind," in your words) seem to all pay for certain items, but THIS one is too much for too little - and is, quite simply, an insult to the players who DO support STO monetarily as well as by creating the fan/player base.

Lastly, this is a hobby to a great many folks. As such, they DO have stake in the game, its play, and its outcome, and have every right to state their feelings, insights, and suggestions here - that's why these forums exist. Not deluded enough to think the Devs read every entry (especially ones that need a publisher and/or a page count...), but I know they do pay some attention to things said herein.

Incidentally, when they start selling bridges with players' names on them in the Z-store, well, I hope you enjoy that one, too...

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