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# 1 Guramba skills and loadout
07-27-2012, 06:09 PM
I would like a critique of my skills and loadout for the Guramba from you kindly forumgoers please. This is for PVE stf's and fleet actions only, I don't really plan to pvp at all in this game.

I can't decide between using the following though:

3x turrets

3xdhc + 1 DBB or 3x DHC + 1 Bioneural or Quantum

For the latter I'd drop BO2 for THY2. Personally I prefer the 1st option with the synergy between using BO for both the DBB and the javelin but I'm not sure about handling the energy drain on a tac. Switching to DC's might mitigate it somewhat but I still think it might be a problem, even with the leech console.

Now for skills, is having the last 3 points in energy weapons specialization worthwhile or is there somewhere else I could be putting them that would be more worthwhile?

And lastly, some input would be nice for my ground skills(I don't really want to make a new thread just for that). Main questions for me are:

Is having any point into willpower worthwhile for PVE content?

Should I have 9 points into combat specialist or 6? How about grenades?

Any other suggestions for ground skills?

Thanks in advance for the input