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I don't think it's necessarily tech holding that back, it's the concept. EV Suits are singular, self contained units, that fit over whatever the person is wearing. There are no breaks in the suit, and thus, why would you artificially divide the suit up? Even if they wanted to, you'd have to figure out where to put in break points, as there are no natural ones (i.e. pants and shirts have natural break points at the waist, and cuffs.) And then, you have to make sure that those parts all work together. When we're trying to make something as iconic as the First Contact suit, having to modify it so that it's sleeves could be used on the old suit, means that if you just want the FC Suit, and put all those parts together, it won't look right.
With EV Suits & Armors I was more thinking in line of an appearance tab or WoWs transmogrification. You can only have one "whole" suit to show, but you can choose to have it look either like the crystal suit or the last known canon suit.

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the real reason they dnt let you is this........

if you could customize your suit you wouldnt have to buy several of them......

its another way for them to tug at your wallet......
No, thats silly. Right now there is no reason for me to get it since it would rip the set bonus. Others might think the same. Also there are probabaly players with a purple EV suit with random stats that fits their playstyle better, so no reason for them too to get it (outside of collecting of course).

If you could use the visual on whatever EV suit you're wearing as soon as you buy it there are suddenly much more ppl which would have a reason to do so.

So its quite the opposite of what you're telling. Its another way for them to pat your back and say "Keep your money"

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