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So it start off a long time ago when I bought sto at launch.
No ec limit

Retun 2 months ago
Fast fowred to tonight. I learn somthing new after selling 20 keys on the exchange and not getting a penny. There is a limit.

Now iam out about 30 bucks.

Iam hoping somone will repond to my ticket look at my mail logs and give me my EC I earned/bought. So then I can spend more $$.

I only mad at myself but its the feeling of waste that I cant play sto, since this has happend. I spent close to $300 on this game in 2 months. makes me think maybe I should burn the money they both make pretty lights, sto and fire.

Seriously I just want my ec, so I can spend real money and feel like Iam buying somthing and not burning my money on a game in the firstplace. I been in sto since beta and a cryptic game lover since COX. I hope I get a decent human being that know not to loose a dedicated customer stupid mistake, but that might be to much to ask.. we'll seee