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07-28-2012, 12:17 AM
Actual Bug Report:
Edit* This is actually only intermittent. Some maps it works, some maps it doesn't. Example map it doesn't work is the ground map from War Games. The one with the ground clutter. It worked there before however...

Issue: Combat Mobs are no longer returning to their default positions after combat. That is, if a mob goes into combat and survives (ally or foe) they return to their default animations but no in the original location and position. Pre-S6 they would run back to their old positions or would beam to those locations if otherwise too far or inaccessible.

To reproduce (I assume, since I don't have editor access):
1: Create a friendly mob and a hostile mob placed where they will fight one another when they appear.
2: Watch fight. (player participation or popcorn optional)
3: Surviving mobs will stop and stand wherever they were when the combat ends, instead of returning to default location.

Other Notes: Back at launch I think this is how mobs behaved, and we were elated when they changed it so the mobs would return to default positions. It breaks some immersion when your allies start talking to empty space or attempt to repair the walls they were running into instead of whatever tasks they were doing before. I can't remember when the update came through to change their behavior that allowed them to return to old positions.

Edit* Yeah... I tried this on another published mission and there was no trouble. I would say it is due to ground clutter, but the second mission had more than the first. The firsts clutter was actually from map design rather than added props. I'll do more testing around.

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