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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Ah, I see what you mean now. Like, buy the "Combat EV Suit" mechanic, and then apply whichever suit's visuals you want to use? One problem might be recognizability. Currently, if you see a First Contact suit, you know what it does. If you could swap it out, you wouldn't know at a glance whether someone had the extra bits or not. Dunno, just speculating. The concept sounds feasible.
EV suits sit in the Armor slot, which can be turned off visually, and judging by the players I see running around ESD and SFA, most do. There are so few EV suits, and with the opaque glass face shield, it really does limit customization when using a EV suit, its just a bunch of clones running around

It would be nice if there were ways to customize the EV suit like we do our uniforms, even if more limited, like colors and badges.