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07-28-2012, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by ssargon View Post
Seems you have the ship and not the C-store version, and the game thinks you're trying to use a costume option you don't have. When you press the button with the Z mark, does it actually ask you to purchase the Scourge Destroyer? I have this issue sometimes because I have the DS9 single-character costume unlock from the old Cardie boxes, but often when I use them, the tailor thinks I have to buy it [and thus shows "this will cost Zen"] but doesn't actually prompt me to buy anything, only asks if I'm sure I want the changes.

Try making your changes, if you get a prompt to buy the Scourge, then I've no other ideas for a workaround.
I have the same problem.It wont even let you click the purchase button, its grayed out. The only option is to waste 15 buck for a color scheme....