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07-28-2012, 04:12 PM
Just a quick note to let the readers know that the Firefly Fleet has a home for warriors of the Klingon Empire... regardless of Race, Species, Gender... or even unfortunate body odor. If there's a bit of pirate in your soul, if you yearn for the black and if freedom means more than life itself... then check out the Firefly Fleet and... The Reavers! Stop by the website:

and post in the application thread of the forum... or just take a look around and see if the freedom loving folk of the Firefly Fleet and/or The Reavers might be for you.

P.S. Reavers are NOT required to eat the flesh of their foes or wear their skin... but, in battle, it's sometimes helpful if they THINK you will

Remember... they can't take the sky from us!
ZOE: "Sir! You paid money for this?... on purpose??"

KIRK: "Excuse me... what does God need with a starship?"