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Everyday that I play Star Trek Online ever since the Cryptic Point to Zen switch over and the day after that switch over, the Season 6 Update/Patch, Star Trek Online's Server has ALWAYS stopped responding and logs me out of the game. As I have said, this is happening on a daily basis and I have also tried the suggested fixes put out by Cryptic and Perfect World and NONE OF THEM HAVE WORKED.

I have easily come to the conclusion that it isn't my laptop, my wireless router or any other software or hardware that I have because every other game and internet web page that required an internet connection work perfectly fine. To further my point, this problem also occurs at other locations such as my friends house when trying to play the game. This problem really needs to be fixed because it is making the game impossible to play and is really annoying and unexceptable actually.

I have taken screen shots to prove my point about this problem and to show exactly what is happening. Like I have already said, this has been occuring since the Cryptic Point to Zen switch over and has gotten worse since the Star Trek Online Season 6 Update/Patch. Of course, the Season 6 Update was released the day after the Cryptic Point to Zen switch over occured. From everything that has been happening, it is clear that the game was broken or the server has had some problems since that day.

Since I can not post attachments to my posts, here is a direct link to my Photo Bucket account for showing the mentioned Screen Shots for this error/problem. As I have also already said earlier in this post, I have already tried the suggested fixes for the "Server Not Responding" already set out by Cryptic and Perfect World and none of them have worked to solve the problem.

(1) Not even uninstalling the game and reinstalling it has fixed the problem.

(2)This is the only game that is actually having this problem.