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07-29-2012, 02:07 AM
In the Dilithium exchange you are selling (or buying) from other players only - STO has no direct control on the prices, they just set the limits on what can be charged (50-500). Its basically an Auction house, where only the best offers are going to be taken.

So if you're selling or buying Zen, you have to see what everyone else is selling or buying at and make a comparable offer for your transaction, otherwise it will just sit there.

Last time I looked market price was Zen (now dont quote me on this) was around 200 Dilithium each Zen, so to get a Tier 5 ship (2000 Zen for Gal - X, Carrier etc) you would need approx 400k of Dilithium to get the ship. This ship would be unlocked on all characters however

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