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# 1 D'Deridex Warbird Problem
07-29-2012, 02:25 AM
I'm reporting this here because I believe it has to be a bug in the system... if it's not, then it's someone's idea of a cruel joke.

The D'Deridex-class warbirds are UNBEATBLE. They are entirely too strong for mid-level enemies. They are overpowered, too fast, and way too much for one player to handle. I do not believe these ships are intended to be this powerful and so impossible to defeat. It's really a big issue and seriously affects the enjoyment of the gameplay to the extent that I drop Foundry missions that include them, and I have not continued my single-player campaign because the warbird is just too powerful. It's almost a cheat for the GM to use these ships.

If there is a way to reduce their power drastically so that they are evenly matched, if not slightly less powerful, than the player-character, that would seriously go a long way to improving the quality of the stories, both from Foundry authors and from the default single-player missions. As of right now, they are totally unbeatable when evenly matched with the player-character.

This is a really huge problem. Thanks for your time and attention.

PS: if this has already been discussed elsewhere, please make a note that this is yet another complaint on the overpowered D'deridex warbirds. I'm sure this is a bad bug in the system and nothing else.