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07-29-2012, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by captainmarvelush View Post
All you have to do when you get your Digital Deluxe version is to log onto your PWE account and redeem your new key code. It's the key code that activates the goodies that come in your new set, not the disk itself.
I just did this myself. I originally bought the "Target" disk that came with the rifle. I recently ordered the STO Collector's Edition that contains the Red Matter Capacitor, an item I've long coveted. I simply entered in the new key code, went to the Zen Store and claimed my RMC under "Legacy Unlocks"

Hope this helps.

~ Cap
Sounds great so i can in fact get me the Digital Deluxe one as well as the CE?!

Originally Posted by shadecido View Post
Beware though the Chromodynamic armor that comes with Steams Collectors Edition DOES NOT level up with you, making it esentially pretty but useless. I keep hoping they will change that, but after 3 years, I doubt it
The digital deluxe is not the Steam one so i should be fine!

This one comes with the TOS uniforms, the NX prefix and the automated (passive) defense battery or somesuch!