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07-29-2012, 04:30 AM
New player? Commander level? Don't worry, most of us have been there. At low level these ships are the biggest challenge this game offers.

I'll give you a tactic. First a don't. Don't get into its 5 km zone. It can grab you there with its tractor beam and shoots its heavey plasma torpedo barrage at you. At commander level you probably won't survive it.

Circle it at more than 5km, hit it broadside with your beams. When a shield is down, turn outwards to fire an aft torpedo, then inward to fire a foreward torpedo. So keep a good eye on your distance.

It helps when you have good weapons, at least have some consoles that buff things up.

Take tac team, so your facing shield is auto rgenerated. Also bind distribute shield to a key and hit it once every 2 seconds. Use auto fire for your beams otherwise you will be spamming your beam keys and the distribute shield key. I did that and it is good for stress, but not for efficient game play.

Now if you are tractor beamed, you can escape with polarize hull, evasive maneuvres and fire a torpedo spread from your aft. These are all boff skills you can get at your level and they are basic things; always handy to have.

Btw, there is a mission, Ground Zero, there you have to fight an upgraded D'Dedirex. Good luck