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Not sure if anyone else has posted about this. Did a quick look of thread titles but didn't see anything.

During STFs or fleet missions (probably just any space battle), sometimes after being hit by a torp that stuns my ship (like tricobalt or the photonic blast torpedo thing the feds have in the fleet events), things that were firing like beam banks or eject warp plasma after the stun is over remain permanently disabled.

I've gone through several STFs and fleet events (specced with 3 fore and aft beam arrays) with nothing but 3 or 4 beams out of 6 working. 1 front beam could be down and 2 rear down, or just all 3 rear beams permanently down. Can happen in any combination it seems.

I've also had it happen to my eject warp plasma 3 ability. Ejecting it and ship gets stunned then it's permanently disabled. Happened once or twice since the recent patch.

I can change boffs, but switching back to the original one, EWP3 is still disabled. Not sure what would happen if I switched to another boff with the same power.

Same with the beam arrays, switch them out works fine for other beams no problem, but put the originals back in and they stay disabled. Switch the position they're in and everything. No joy.

The only thing I found that solves it is dying and respawning. Everything comes good again.

Anyone else come across this?
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