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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
I really do think it might be related to the replicator prop. It also happens in slaves and seductions and that is a really simple trigger with the replicator. Interact with a martini glass spawns a cup of bloodwine and then the character drinks the bloodwine. I do the same thing with the glasses all over the place, and this weird "interact" occurs only near the replicator. I will certainly do what you suggest though.
Oh... yeah, it ... could just be the replicator itself. I wonder if it got a default interact. That'd seem kind of silly but, would make sense in some ways too. At least, I could see it popping up like that. They actually put in the replicator prop to access the replicator menu but without the needed connections to actually do that.

Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
Oh, and since you ignored my more shy request in the "How do you make your missions" thread... can I use her in my next mission?
Well, considering I don't remember it it's probably less a case of ignore and more a case of didn't see.

So long as you don't make her into something horrific or do anything irrevocable to her go right ahead. If you feel compelled, send details or what have you to me via PM. If it's a simple cameo, I'm not worried. By all means.

As much as I'd love to defend the character to the ends of the earth, I technically don't own her. Cryptic does. So I really appreciate you asking for my permission first. : ]