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07-29-2012, 09:27 AM
I loaded up the game and immediately was relieved to see my missions had republished properly. Considering all of the complexities of the missions, I was afraid I'd be one of the 1% that didn't publish properly.

Anyway, I started up Dereliction Duty, and first thing I see is that my "mysterious asteroid" which is actually a C3SS (Class 3 Surveillance Satellite) is called "Cloaked Satellite #1", which kind of gives things away.

Not actually a bug, but since now objects can be labeled (which is awesome!), whatever you named them before is immediately visible-- which in this case is a bit...awkward, seeing as e don't have access to editor to change anything.

I just hope I didn't name anything something really embarrassing...

Now, to see if the missions actually work right.

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