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07-29-2012, 10:40 AM
I found a somewhat annoying bug: There has been some sort of change to the warp-out. The player's ship is now turning before warping out. Apparently this is the same behavior that causes the ship to turn rather than warp through a planet in the official missions.

Unfortunately, in the Foundry, this feature often results in the ship warping out in the entirely wrong direction. If we can't control which direction the ship faces when it warps out, then it really would be better if this feature was disabled again when in the Foundry.

Right now it really ruins the continuity of the mission when the player's ship warps out in the opposite direction it's supposed to be going. Example: I have an objective that says you need to pass through the asteroid belt before warping to the next planet. Right now, after passing through the asteroid belt, the ship turns back towards the asteroid belt and warps through it. It's really jarring.

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