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07-29-2012, 11:45 AM
Saw an interview with Roddenberry (or about him... not sure which... it's been awhile back) where he stated that the Wesley character was based, largely, on Roddenberry's own youth. As a consequence he tended to get a bit touchy over criticism of the character. He once upbraided an audience at a convention on that issue with a remark to the effect, "You people seem to think I make these shows for you... I make them for me... and you're welcome to join me in enjoying them... or not!" (paraphrased there as I don't have the exact quote to hand). He went on to explain the Wesley character and why he liked Wesley...

So Happy B'Day, Wesley Crusher/Wil Wheaton! You were loved by Roddenberry in the way a man loves his own fondest memories of childhood... which may, actually, make Wesley one of the purest Roddenberry creations in the whole franchise...
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