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07-29-2012, 12:34 PM

I haven't been in game this weekend, but from reading the above posts seems we've had an issue with the fleet provisioning system.

I had hoped that you had all read the post I made back HERE #165 which had a link to info about that system.

I haven't read the fleet message that's been sent out yet, I will log in an hour or so from now, but I would like to think I'd always lead the fleet in a manner in which people could then once promoted also lead by example.

Fleet provision's are one item that is extremely difficult to acquire, and fleet credits can be difficult to acquire as well if others are online at the right time and have the resources to contribute, leaving other members struggling to gain enough credit to purchase items that they would like.

I'm not sure of the exact situation but we may need to try to limit some members contributions and have all members purchase no more than one item from the provisioned stores at any given time so that it's fair to others. It's a similar situation with the fleet bank, if a member donates a lot of a special item, such as DOff packs, then I wouldn't go in and take them all because that would be unfair to others so I would just take a small number leaving plenty for others to use.

I'm sure anyone upset will eventually come around, forgive and forget, but mistakes do happen and hopefully when they do we learn from them.