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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
What do you see as the primary purpose(s) behind introducing new Duty officer species?

I'm not asking to discourage the brainstorming here - it may, in fact, come in quite handy. But I'd like to get a more solid understanding as to why more species variation is being requested.

* Are there shortcomings in the current system that new species can address?
* Are there new mechanics you'd like to see pursued that new species would allow for?
* Is it just a roleplay / immersion thing?

On the subject of new traits:
We found, from the introduction of Resolve doffs, that introducing new Traits is not a design choice that has long-term sustainability. While it still may be something we introduce in the future, we have to be sure that the amount of dev time that goes into ensuring the new Trait's viability is worth the investment. Hundreds and hundreds of work hours went into introducing Resolve and giving it a purpose, while also addressing economic and systemic balance concerns that it introduced. It's not something that we've completely ruled out, but it is unlikely that we will do something that like with any form of frequency.
Simply put, More Diversity. But not just Diversity for it's own sake, I don't want half my crew to be made of "species who are enemies", though I don't mind some (Worf, Garak, Simon Tarsus, ect). But, in TOS, and TNG, Gene Roddenberry insisted that the Enterprise have a racially diverse crew (Whitfield, Stephen PE; Roddenberry, Gene (1968). The Making of Star Trek. New York: Ballantine Books) meaning that Diversity is a core value of what makes Star Trek what it is. We know of many different races which may be allied with one side or the other, sadly mainly the Federation, though Farians and Finneans (and other unnamed species) seem to be a member of the Orion Syndicate and thus would now be a KDF species and one might think the Chalnoth would join with them as well.

New species, particularly less well known species, can allow more freedom of trait combinations (as has been mentioned earlier), and can assist in the addition of new traits (a topic I will delve into later). I think another advantage to new species, particularly ones that have distinctive features is possibly the hope of having some of the new features added for playable characters (for instance the facial features of the Arin'Sen). For instance, the Ferasans were added as a DOFF race and shortly there after as a playable species.

As for new traits, to be fair, Resolve was added at the same time as Shroud, Telekinesis, and Spiritual (with Dominion Fugitive being shortly after and Photonic slightly before if I am not mistaken), that is 6 traits in a fairly short period of time. I would assume any more additions would come in batch form like that to be able to customize entire batches of missions for several new traits at one time.

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