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Just played Ground zero and i have never been so annoyed by a mission. First theNebula, lighning and other flickering gave me an headache. especially that giant purple nebula at the lower right corner of the map. i coldnt see the Sitesh clearly because my screen was totally purple and like "Disco lights"

Then the Sitesh. Make ist weaker and fix it. i had to play three times to kill that thing. First time it was all flying around with full speed like forever always outside my weapons range, suddenly heading straight at me, tractor beam, deactivating my weapons, Plasma torpedoes, and i was dead.

Second time it was flying to the edge of the map and got stuck behind there. So it could still attack me i could not attack, not even target it or the plasma torpedoes the Sitesh fired at me. Had to restart.

Third time IRW Sitesh was stuck in Hobus I and unable to move or to fire. so i could sit there and fire till i won.

But it is not only the sitesh, i saw many BoP, Escorts stuck in Planets, Stations, Asteroids from where they could attack me but i couldn`t even target them.