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07-29-2012, 01:28 PM
i will try it out with the intel software...cause my system is 3770k, asus p8z77 - V, gtx 470, 16gb ram and vertex 4....

my problem is:
- absurd long loading time, runs up until 90-94 and then it takes about 15 miniuts
- after that im on earth space dock. i can move around - thats all.

- fleet chat unaviable
- i see myself offline in fleet roster and can myself look up when i was last online
- i cant speak to npcs
- doors doesnt open
- i cant use weapons
- i cant beam up to the ship
- i cant get invited into a team
- i get extreamrubberbanded to my starting position...

and so on, a lot more stuff

shortly: i cant interact with the enviroment

so then, i will edit the post if it worked

ok....this goes over my knowledge...i dont know what shall i extract nor in wich driver folder i shall go...

edit 2:
i could download the driver from the intel website, however, no effect at all

uss raven pls explain exactly what u have done

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