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Fully-featured ship interiors has been at the top of my personal wishlist for a very long time since I started playing. This is the equivalent of player housing in fantasy MMO's, in that they are a means of storing trophies, loot or gear (STO only goes as far as trophies).

From what I've read about MMO's, there appears to be a small minority of players who want the full immersive in-game role-playing experience and would thus put the effort into outfitting their "homes", whilst the remaining majority simply sees it as a place to dump extra loot before moving on to the next mission/quest. And of course tacofangs/Tumerboy's comment about the 90% of CoV players simply using their "base" as quick doorways to mission/quest maps.

Thus, it seems that until it could be justified that ship interiors could be used in gameplay content that interests the majority of players, it's probably not something Cryptic would invest in any more than what they have now.


If a variety of appropriate gameplay content could be introduced into ship interiors, then allowing players to customize said environment would make more sense.

Current uses of ship interiors in STO

  • NPC contacts for DOff assignments
  • Small craft selection
  • Accolade / trophy display
  • "Private" social zone for players to invite each other to visit and discuss matters in a role-playing like setting

Potential uses of ship interiors in STO

  • Boarding Party scenario combat - by making use of customized ship interiors, no two games are the same
    • Single-player PvE - Player and BOff away team defends their ship from a random enemy (similar to Colony Invasion)
    • 5-player PvE - Players defend the team leader's ship interior from a random enemy (ditto)
    • 1v1 PvP - One player challenges another by "boarding" their vessel to sabotage it / obtain resources. Both players would have their BOff away team(s).
    • 5v5 PvP - The "home" team leader's ship is used as the map, in which two teams fight for control of it
  • Mini-games that can be played against BOffs (game AI) or other player(s) in the Officer's Mess
    • Kadis-kot, Strategema, Tri-Dimensional Chess - earns XP and some tactical/strategic reward
    • Poker, Fizzbin - earns XP, EC or GPL
    • Dabo (only on Ferengi vessels) - earns GPL
  • Sports or martial arts mini-games that can be played against BOffs (game AI) or other player(s) in the ship's holodeck
    • Baseball - play x games to earn an accolade that allows you to take part in the famed match between Sisko and Solok's teams
    • Parrises Squares
    • Velocity - earns 30min~2hr ranged combat buffs
    • Fencing, Tsunkatse, Anbo-jitsu - earns 30min~2hr melee combat buffs
  • Additional inventory storage
  • Shipboard "incident" that earns XP, EC or Dil (Randomly-selected like fleet Starbase's Officer of the Watch)
  • Foundry maps

Other "nice to have" features simply to help with overall immersion

  • Ability to specify where BOffs sit on the bridge
  • Ability to specify costumes for DOff assignment NPC contacts (players can choose between using one of their non-bridge BOffs or a new costume using a tailor interface)
  • Ability to specify base crew uniforms, by department and gender
  • Ability to specify proportion of base crew species and genders (permits an all-Andorian crew, an all-Caitian crew or even an all-female crew for the Amazons out there ;D)
  • Ability to specify quantity of base crew wandering in the corridors

Ship interior styling, room and deck layouts

I'm agreement with tacofangs/Tumerboy on the following:

Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I've heard nothing about redoing ship interiors. My personal feeling is that there should be little customization on layout. If you have an Intrepid, you get an Intrepid class layout. If you have a Defiant, you get a Defiant class layout.
As long as said layouts are not simply non-canon smushing the rooms up into the fewest possible decks.

For instance, I'm a massive Intrepid-class fan, so I expect the Officer's Mess on Deck 2, Captain's Quarters on Deck 3, Transporter and Security complex (brig + armory) on Deck 4, Sickbay, morgue and Science lab on Deck 5 etc. A not-quite-canon-but-good-enough deck plan reference is's Intrepid-class blueprints page.

(FYI: High-res spreads of Intrepid-class Decks 1 / 2 / 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8a / 8b, 9a, 9b / 10, 11, 12 / 13 and 14 / 15)

Now, having Cryptic create a complete Intrepid-class interior down to every crewman's quarters is downright ridiculous, so what I'm saying is that Cryptic should take these plans, put the important rooms on the right decks, then seal off all the other doors and trim parts of the corridors to save map data space.

Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
But I think players should have control over a few different overall styles, textures, colors, and lighting. So all Galaxy Class ships would have the same layout, but you could choose from TNG style (beige, brightly lit) or 2409 style, or random style A, B or C. etc.
This I like very much as well - being able to choose the styling.

Again using my baby, the Intrepid-class, as an example:
  • 2409 styling with bluish LCARS and extra holographic displays (DEFAULT)
  • Canon Voyager styling with yellowish LCARS (Part of Voyager bundle pack in the Z-store)
  • Extra variants A, B, C etc.
  • Mix-n-match styling e.g. carpet and walls from Voyager with 2409 LCARS and holographic displays

Rooms I feel should be included and potential uses

  • Bridge - shows your BOffs, Ops DOff assignment
  • Ready Room - access Tac and Dip Corps DOff assignments
  • Conference Room - unique to each ship and used for diplomatic missions
  • Mess - Bartender, Chef and Counselor Doff assignments, strategy games like Poker, 3D chess, Kadis-Kot etc.
  • Captain's Quarters - mini-tailor / medal case for non-trophy accolades
  • Transporter room - ?
  • Security complex - locker room for ground inventory, brig with Security DOff assignment
  • Science lab - Sci DOff assignments
  • Sickbay - Med DOff assignments
  • Holodeck - combat-oriented mini-games
  • Engineering - Engineering DOff assignment
  • Shuttlebay - transfer to small craft, actually see the shuttles you own displayed as full-sized props in the shuttlebay
  • Cargo bay - storage for commodities and other inventory

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots

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