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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
No, we built the super base editor even before CoV (i.e. long before the sell off)

We heard very little praise back then for the editor, and got almost nothing but complaints. Our statistics showed that only about 10% of people used the base for anything other than a quick door to teleport around the rest of the world.

All of that is one reason we've been hesitant in doing it over again. We tried a new method with Hideouts in Champions, which seemed to be met with moderate success, but took a lot of work to build.

I've heard nothing about redoing ship interiors. My personal feeling is that there should be little customization on layout. If you have an Intrepid, you get an Intrepid class layout. If you have a Defiant, you get a Defiant class layout. But I think players should have control over a few different overall styles, textures, colors, and lighting. So all Galaxy Class ships would have the same layout, but you could choose from TNG style (beige, brightly lit) or 2409 style, or random style A, B or C. etc.

However, that is just my personal feelings on the matter, no work is being done on Interiors at the moment, and havent heard of it being added to the schedule at all. Plus, all of that would be a lot of work.
In terms of ship interiors:

I would like the scale revisited once you have done interior replicas for:

Defiant (Done!)
Intrepid (In talks?)
Galaxy (In discussion for longterm, I think?)

My feeling is, at that point, you'll have the assets and the parts to build a better stock interior. Overall, I think it would make the most sense being in the Facility 4028/Odyssey style but in a scale a bit closer to the replica sets.

Klingon interiors look fine to me.

I'd like it if we could have:

- Trophy displays in personal quarters
- Choice of warp cores
- Choice of LCARS
- Color scheme and lighting options
- Additional decks beyond Engineering/Crew/Bridge where we can select rooms to drop in. I can see where this could be tied to gameplay in several ways if we have, say, 3 slots per additional deck for custom rooms and have to choose what features we want in them.

My preference for interiors would also be that, due to limited scale and realism, we be defaulted to /walking in them except when sprinting.

Now... I think a Galaxy interior will be your peak sales pack and is probably worth doing as a bigger set. One reason for this is the popularity of TNG. Another is that virtually all of it would function recolored as a Constitution Refit interior since they used the TNG sets for that. (And, in turn, the same mods would largely apply to the Intrepid for an Excelsior interior.)

The big thing I'd like for a Galaxy interior to have is, in addition to crew and engineering decks, a "Civilian" deck with:

A barbershop, like Mott's (with tailor functionality)

A classroom (Perhaps with extra access to the existing lore datachips, such as a unit that dispenses a random one) (With Humuhumunukunukuapua'a as the contact for any dialogues in there)

A theater,_2367.jpg (with a musical performance running constantly)

Perhaps a quarters unit setup with a poker game in progress.

The inclusion of these four things helps sell the interior as a place designed for civilians. I'd imagine extra DOff contacts around this deck.