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Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
obvious one here, you kill the dude thats doing the extending. that ends the extend pretty quickly.


since extend shields is a constantly reapplying power, if you disable the extenders shields/reduce their power. will this cause the extend shields to be less powerful/useless?

maybe that should be a considered counter if they balance pass it, if the extenders shields are reduced to a certain point extned shields turns off/cant be used.
-star trek story/rp reasoning-

"captain our shields are about to fail!"

"we need all our shields for ourselves, turn of the shield extending thingy!"

"aye aye sir"
I believe that Shield power used to determine how powerful Extend shields was. How ever Lately I don't think it does any more effect Extend shields. I've checked it's Tool tip when I've used an EPTS and With out EPTS and the numbers never showed a change. *Shrug*
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